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Meetings & Events

Rittenhouse Hall General Meetings are held at Rittenhouse Hall, 4890 Victoria Ave N, Vineland, Ontario. Meeting times are 9:30 to 12 o'clock and are held on the third Saturday of the month through January, February, March and April. Meetings break in June, July and August so our members can get down to the real business of Gardening! Meetings resume on the third Saturday of the month September, October and November.

Join us for coffee and conversation at 9:30. The business meeting begins at 10 o'clock followed by an intermission with door prize draws, more coffee, conversation and goodies! Our featured presentation begins at 11 o'clock.

Event Schedule

Monthly Meeting 2024 Jan 20 - 9:30 am Rittenhouse Hall, Vineland Station - (was cancelled due to weather conditions)

Monthly Meeting 2024 Feb 17 - 9:30 am Rittenhouse Hall, Vineland Station - Master Gardener, Claudette Sims presenting "Coexisting with Garden Critters"

Monthly Meeting 2024 Mar 16 - 9:30 am Rittenhouse Hall, Vineland Station - "Gardening for Biodiversity" with Liz Benneian, Chair of Biodiversity and Climate Action Collective Niagara

Bio - Liz Benneian is a former journalist and newspaper editor, with a degree in Science who has been leading environmental advocacy and educational organizations since 2003 when she founded a community tree planting program in Oakville that, over the next 10 years, planted 17,000 native trees and shrubs on public land. Currently, Liz is Executive Director and Manager of Environmental Education for Ontario Green Conservation Association, a charity that has provided environmental education programs to more than 90,000 students. Liz is also the founder and chair of Biodiversity and Climate Action Niagara, a collective of 22 organizations that advocates, at all levels of government, for better planning and policies to protect biodiversity and mitigate the climate crisis. In recognition of her dedication to preserving and enhancing the environment, Liz has received local, provincial and national awards.

Monthly Meeting 2024 Apr. 20, - 9:30 am Rittenhouse Hall, Vineland Station -"Growing Colour: Creating a Natural Dye Garden" with Ashley McVey.

Ashley's Bio: I am a grower and maker of natural dye and naturally-dyed clothing and goods. I started Faded Fields out of my love of gardening and textiles, and with a beautiful intention to create items that are connected to nature, seasons and cycles. I started growing and working with indigo in 2020, and slowly began to introduce other ornamental dye flowers and edible plants into my gardens in order to expand my homegrown colour spectrum. All of my pieces are made in my home studio and 100% of the flowers and plants that I work with have been organically grown and harvested from my home gardens in Niagara, Ontario.
Ashley will be giving a Powerpoint presentation with imagery, as well as bringing in examples of dyed fabrics, dried flowers/plants and some fresh seedlings.

Mini posterAnnual Plant Sale May 11, 2024 - 8:30 am - 2:30 pm Vineland Barn member-grown perennials & annuals & plants from local growers and club members.

June - Annual Summer Garden Tour - Details to be announced.

July - Field Trip - Details to be announced.

Monthly Meeting 2024 September 21 - 9:30 am Rittenhouse Hall, Vineland Station - Birds, Birding and their relationship to plants with Katy Sokoloski

Katy Sokoloski began her environmental career after receiving her diploma in Conservation Biology from Fleming College. She first became involved with the NPCA as a volunteer, assisting in various community tree and garden plantings and fostering her passion for conservation and stewardship as an ambassador for the NPCA. She joined the NPCA in 2023 as a program associate, Environmental Stewardship, where she engages with community partners, organizations, staff, and volunteers and works on the successful implementation of a wide variety of stewardship projects. She continues supporting outreach and engagement of both the NPCA and Niagara River Remedial Action Plan in her current role as an Assistant, Special Programs, Outreach & engagement within the Climate Change and Special Programs Division. Katy offers technical skills, knowledge, and significant experience in developing positive relationships with the community or local partners, and the organization of projects, such as a new Great-Lakes focused educational event.

Monthly Meeting 2024 Oct 19, - 9:30 am Rittenhouse Hall, Vineland Station - Selecting, Prepping and Growing Dahlias with Lee Suttell

Monthly Meeting 2024 Nov 16, - 9:30 am Rittenhouse Hall, Vineland Station - annual pot luck lunch - speaker to be announced

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